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The Charge of the Goddess

Apr 21, 2012

One of the most beautiful verses in Wiccan practices, usually recited at the full moon and other special occasions, is the Charge of the Goddess. We thought we'd share with you, this verse version, in case you haven't seen it before.

All ye assembled in my sight,

Bow before my spirit bright.

Aphrodite, Arionrhod,

Lover of the Horned God,

Mighty Queen of Witchery and night.

Morgan, Etoine, Nisene,

Diana, Bridgid, Melusine,

Am I named of old by men.

Artemis and Cerridwen,

Hell's dark mistress, Heaven's Queen.

Ye who would ask of me a rune,

Or who would ask of me a boon,

Meet me in some secret glade,

Dance my round in greenwood shade,

By the light of the full moon.

In a place wild and lone,

Dance about mine altar stone;

Work my holy mystery.

Ye who are feign to sorcery,

I bring ye secrets yet unknown.

No more shall ye know slavery,

Who give true worship unto me.

Ye who tread my round on Sabbat night,

Come ye all naked to the rite,

In token that ye be really free.

I teach ye the mystery of rebirth,

Work ye my mysteries in mirth.

Heart joined to heart and lip to lip,

Five are the points of fellowship,

That bring ye ecstasy on earth,

For I am the circle of rebirth.

I ask no sacrifice, but do bow,

No other Law but love I know,

By naught but love may I be known.

All things living are mine own,

From me they come, to me they go

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One of the most beautiful verses in Wiccan p...

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